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Rvers are only to receive discounts on fuel purchases at these branded outlets if they have a good sam membership card. We love saving money on our basic monthly necessities like campground fees (with rv club memberships) and fuel with this card!

Fuel Program – Tsd Logistics

For some reason, this is the only area where this is true.

Tsd fuel card reviews. Without tsd, loves and pilot aren’t the most expensive but up there. Came across this fuel card tsd logistics say it can save.30 cent or more per gallon at major truck stop anyone using it or is it a scam to sign up i have to give my ss # too witch i understand if you are using it how you like it? The card can be used at truck stops** across.

I filled up at loves in new mexico yesterday for $3.01 a gallon. There is a list of truck stop chains that offer discounts at various levels from a few cents discount up to around $1/gallon! Tsd logistics runs the discount program and efs administers the card.

Tsd is not trying to make money off of fuel sales, they are trying to drive down fuel cost for their fleet of big rigs. Pros and cons of the tsd diesel fuel card for rv owners But going elsewhere to purchase your fuel will get their attention.

This morning i got an email from tsd logistics (titled happy fueling) showing the original price, discount applied, the fee taken by tsd, and the final amount withdrawn from my bank account. When they expand their fleet to motorhomes, buses, trucks pulling travel trailers, etc., they exponentially increase the pumped gallons through their books. It lowers our cost of.

With the tsd logistics fuel card, you can save over 50 cents per gallon of diesel. It is not for gas. I can fit into most fuel stations and i'm 45' dragging a pickup truck.

But, the tsd fuel card allows diesel rv drivers to take advantage of trucking gas prices. Tsd is fully automated once set up. Tsd is much easier to get set up.

It is not a membership program. Manage your tsd fuel program membership, search your fuel card transaction history, and view your available nearby fuel discounts with the tsd open roads app. On the west coast, our mobile and exxon stations are outrageously expensive but not there.

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Although you can purchase def and other items with your card, discounts are only on fuel. I've been using the tsd rv fuel discount card for a couple months and have saved a considerable amount buying fuel. But now that tsd is available with a better discount at loves, i haven’t been back to a pfj in a long time.

Or, you can keep going so you can tell all your diesel buying. Pretty good discount for using the same product (diesel fuel) i feel. It was faster and more convenient than going around town looking for a lower price.

Tsd logistics has been around for a long time and is a very reputable company. Comparing price is elusive, i get an additional 5% discount using my credit card so comparing tsd to gas buddy pricing isn't accurate. Hands down, the tsd card is the winner.

The tsd fuel program is a popular fuel discount program among rv owners across the us and canada. I have an old bank account that i am going to use. We saw that tsd logistics (fuel card) has dropped some stations like loves and pilot.

Before tsd.was available i always went to pfj using the gs discount. True this happens with other carriers not just bulk, but the attitude towards the amount of waiting spent by drivers is nonchalant. As you can see from the above uses at loves' truck stops the discount was 34 and 40 cents per gallon.

I ended up saving 46 cents per gallon which i thought was great. And for those rvs that use diesel fuel, the price tag is usually even higher. The tsd diesel fuel card is available to individual rv owners and independent truck owners.

It is for diesel fuel only, so if you do not purchase diesel, then you can stop reading here. Driving a diesel rv can stretch your budget, but the tsd fuel card can save you hundreds of dollars on your next rv excursion. Detention pay is a joke.

The folks at the tsd program weren’t aware of this arrangement until they got a call from pilot’s management. I haven't used name brand truck stops since they consolidated and raised their price to gouge small users. So if the retail cost is $3.00 per gallon and our cost is $2.50 per gallon, your fee will be 5 cents per gallon.

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Camping camping and outdoors gear camping activities, sports, recreation, hobbies cooking, grilling, recipes, eating, drinking rvf dining guide campground research and reviews trip planning trip reports and destinations boondocking / dry camping rallies and events caravans and tours international travel and camping camping photos camping. Truck stops are great for easy access but locations are generally near major highways. The tsd logistics card is accepted at all the big boy diesel truck stops such as loves, t/a , petro and dozens more shown in their real time price locating application.

However, with tsd, loves costs $2.65 a gallon for diesel. One of the most expensive parts of rving is fuel. Before i go any further, i want to stress that this is not a credit card.

The program is not perfect but it does offer diesel fuel discounts at over 12,000 truck stops in north america. What's going on there and why should we still get a tsd card? Being able to get the same pricing that used to be available only at the mom & pop gas stations off the beaten path makes for a quicker and “collision safe” refueling experience for you while saving a.

For anyone wanting to take advantage of the efs fuel card offered through tsd logistics, here is the link to a simpler form they've created for rvers. The tsd logistic fuel program is unlike anything else out there. I just signed up for tsd fuel program.

Both tsd and tcs cards are for use on diesel pumps. Seems that sam has an exclusive discount program with pilot/flying j. Tsd logistics offers rvrs access to their fuel program, and the savings are pretty spectacular.

They do a nightly reconciliation and do one pull from your account to cover the transactions for that day. Smaller company, newer equipment, weekly pay. With our new app, tsd is looking to improve the way our members can.

I checked tsd app and gas buddy for raceway, pine grove, pa. This discount may come back in the. Waiting for loads, waiting for trailers.

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Sorry gasoline engine owners, it only works with diesel but for the lowest rates on fuel in your area check out the free gas buddy app. If i have used the card the price would have been $2.55 tsd is a legitimate trucking company out of texas and the more fuel they buy the better negotiating power they have. There is a $1.00 fee for any use at locations out of our discount network.

Our fee is 10% of the savings per gallon and up to 15% for commercial. Savings will fluctuate based on fuel prices and contracts between tsd logistics and the fuel companies.

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