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Dermacos Whitening Facial Kit Review


Nishoo Khan Review on Dermacos whitening Facial Kit

Dermacos Laboratories International and distributor of premium professional skincare products in the UK manufacture Dermacos.Dermacos Whitening Facial Kit

Demacos Whitening Facial kit includes:

Dermacos whitening facial kit results are marvalous
Dermacos whitening Facial Kit includes 8 things

  • 1 x Dermacos Dermapure Softening Pome Facial Wash
  • 1 x Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser
  • Dermocos Smoothing Toner
  • 1 x Dermacos Guava Glow Scrub
  • 1 x Dermacos Grey Lotion
  • Dermacos Grey Cream
  • 3 x Dermacos Skin Lightening Serum
  • 2 x Dermacos Phytomer Botanical Whitening Mask
  • 3 x Dermacos Witch Hazel Extract

Dermacos Dermapure Softening Pome Facial Wash

Dermacos Whitening Facial Kit review step by step

Dermacos Hexagonal Cleanser

Dermacos pomegranate facial cleanser can bring a refreshing and soft facial cleanser. It contains organic extracts of acai berry and pomegranate, which can gently remove cosmetics and impurities from the skin. Keep skin fresh, silky, clean, and prevent premature skin aging and damage to the environment

Dermacos Whitening Facial Method

A thick cleansing balm suitable for all types of skin. Its foaming effect can soften, cleanse, and balance the skin without causing dryness. It is a unique feature. It penetrates deeply into the skin and can deeply clean the pores. Triclosan is added to help delay the spread of acne-causing bacteria and skin surface infections.

Dermocos Smoothing Toner

It is not just a toner with therapeutic AHA and BHA. The ingredients contained in it can exfoliate, remove oil, reduce congestion and brighten skin tone, making the skin more even and smooth.

Dermacos Guava Glow Scrub

Natural guava is rich in nutrients, can gently exfoliate and activate cell renewal, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It provides antioxidants and brighteners to make the skin clean, smooth, and full of vitality. The new “microdermabrasion” system can remove dead cells and drips from the face without itching and pain like ordinary scrubs, and help the skin regenerate new cells, and can also make the skin full of vitality without dry.

Dermacos Grey Lotion

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The complete “first aid kit” gray lotion is an amino acid vitamin complex that helps the skin feel. This formula supplements the body’s needs for proper repair, maintenance, and growth.

Dermacos Grey Cream

Dermacos Dermapure Multi-Purpose Grey Cream is a rich, top-level multi-purpose blend. It can be used on any part of the body and has a smooth and shiny luster. The gray cream rich in the amino acid vitamin complex can help you get a pure white complexion while repairing and maintaining the skin.

Dermacos Skin Lightening Serum

Arbutin is a whitening agent that is very pimples in Japan and Asian countries. It can use for skin depigmentation. Arbutin can inhibit the formation of melanin through tyrosinase activity and can protect the skin from free radical damage. The combination with kojic acid can occupy the catecholase activity of tyrosinase. Melanocytes treated with kojic acid become non-dendritic cells, and the melanin content decreases.

Dermacos Phytomer Botanical Whitening Mask

A soft peelable mask contains plant-based skin brighteners. It makes the complexion fairer.

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Dermacos Witch Hazel Extract

Witch hazel is the most suitable and easy to use astringent. This herb is valuable for stopping internal or external bleeding. It is especially suitable for reducing hemorrhoids. It also is used to treat bruises, redness, and varicose veins. The therapeutic properties of witch hazel are antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, hemostatic, sedative, hemostatic, and tonic.

Manufactured By: M.S. Dermacos Laboratories International

Country of Origin: Product of UK

Product Weight: 1234 Grams (1.23 KG)

Storage Instructions: Store in a cool dry place

Package: Jar