Sim Card Tray Won't Open

I have an lg l322dl model android phone. It is pretty easy to get open with one of these tools.

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But i have one that came with the sim card.

Sim card tray won't open. The wwan card was bought separately and correctly installed and recognized by the system. Apparently it broke inside the phone so i’ll need to purchase a new sim card tray but at least now i can install my sim card and micro sd card. I guess i will have to go to the tmobile store.

A cool trick to use to open the sim card tray is using a clothes pin if you don't have the same tool accessible that the cellular company would have. Be careful with the poor quality! To solve the prob quickly, i went to samsung shop directly rather than go to the retailer.

I don't have the tool that came with the phone. I cannot insert my sim card. The tray is flush with the device and there is no bend to the device body.

But i have tried 20+ times to get it open with the provided key. Unable to eject sim tray. Are you just supposed to press the key in and then the tray opens?

Can't open the sim card tray on my new lenovo vibe z (k910e) It sort of wraps in an l shape if you can picture that. It takes quite a bit of force to force it out.

(sometimes people are concerned about getting caught without a sim tool. I've read that must be pushed in and then pulled out after a click, but the slot seems not to be pushable (it doesen't move if pressed). If not find a large paper clip, unbend it, and push it into the tray hole.

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They manged to get it out by using a dental pick like this one (amazon link) and wiggling the pic around until it came loose. Applying a considerable amount of force does not produce any indication that the tray will eject. As far as i can tell, it is the same.

Depending on what model iphone you bought, there might be sim tray tool included. Bent the apple sim tool in the process. But if you are afraid of damaging it, you can take it to an att store for help.

Sim tray stuck, lever not working, paperclip can't pull it out. You can't really press too hard, straight down. If your sim won't open the normal way and you've applied sufficient force, it tells me there may be something jammed in there or it may be somehow stuck.

The manual says to insert the pin tool into the hole & slowly pull the tray out. If you can't take it back to an apple store, or authorized service center. Iphone 7 plus sim tray will not eject using a sim card eject tool or a paper clip.

Sim card tray won't open. In short, press the pin on the tool absolutely straight into the hole in the sim tray applying firm pressure, and then keep increasing the amount of pressure you are applying until the sim card tray pops open as advertised. Unfortunately, it has only opened a millimeter or so.

I want to open the tray that holds the memory card & sim card. Got my phone late yesterday from ups, started to set it up and sim card tray will not pop open. What to do if the sim tray does not pop open.

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But i can't slide the tray out. Bought a samsung s8 one month ago but now the sim card tray can't come out! I recently bought a new phone and it came with a sim card tray key (like a paper clip) but it the sim card tray won't open.

How can i open the sim card slot of my hp elitebook x360 1030 g3? Make sure you aren't restricting it from popping open. I can manage to move part of the frame with the sim card key, but what's holding the piece inside the slot is the very end.

Tried pulling it out with a makeshift paperclip hook. I managed, with a lot of power, to get the sim card tray to pop open. I'm unable to open it completely' with either pushing the pin even harder, trying to open it with my fingernails.

If you are concerned, try a safety pin or other slim and strong pin. Depending on your cellular provider they usually have sim card poppers to open the sim card tray. Paperclip can be inserted ~4x further into the sim tray eject.

My experience with these type trays have been super easy to open, like with my old htc one m7. I recommend taking that to an apple retail store, apple authorized service provider, or your carrier for help, so that you don't risk damaging the phone with your own efforts to do it, or at least don't get yourself in too much trouble with the warranty. I have recently somehow broke my sim card tray and part of the tray and remained stuck inside the phone as the rest of the tray came out.

You do have to push pretty hard. I am having extreme difficulty freeing the sim card from my iphone 4. If your sim card tray is stuck in your phone, this simple trick may help.

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Opened up the back and found that the lever has been dislodged (an empty hole where the pivot is supposed to be at).

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