If you are tired of makeup disappearing after 3 pm, then it’s time to buy the best face powder. From translucent formulas to full coverage powder foundations, we have tried everything, so you don’t have to spend money to buy makeup that does not work. Are you lookiing for best face powders in pakistan so dont worry just stick to the page.

Face powders are the most essential makeup products used to cover acne, spots, fine lines, blemishes, and provide a uniform and flawless appearance. It comes in the form of loose powder, compact powder, and cream powder. This is the most important aspect of all makeup. The facial powder is widely available in the market. We are going to share with you the top best face powders. These full face powders are popular because of their effects. Let’s take a look at these popular face powders, which are easily available in Pakistan below.


N.Y.C. Smooth Skin Pressed Face Powder

N.Y.C. Smooth skin powder can make fair skin matte. It also gives a perfect appearance. It can also use as an eye shadow base and can wrinkle or peel off the skin. This face powder makes your skin fresh and long lasting

Make Up For Ever HD Micro-finish Powder

Make up the eternal high-definition micro-finish powder looks a little off-white or white, but completely transparent when used. It has a smooth finish and makes the skin look shiny. It gives skin a silky and transparent look.

MAC Blot Powder Pressed Cake Best Face Powder in Pakistan

The pressed MAC blotting powder is a face powder that can keep the face away from the gloss. It can also refresh the skin well without adding any color. It is the best face powder for oily skin because of its matte effect.

E.L.F. Studio Translucent Matifying Powder

E.L.F. Studio translucent matte powder is very suitable for toning. It gives a shiny appearance but makes the skin flawless. It also gives the skin a non-clumping effect. It is also most suitable for oily skin because it can control oil and smooth the skin well

L’Oréal Paris Translucide Naturally Luminous Loose Powder

L’Oreal Paris transparent natural luminous loose powder is very popular among women. It is a facial cleanser in bulk form. It has a strong staying power and does not look like a paste or cake. It can also make the face emit a shimmering glow

L.A. Girl HD PRO Face Pressed Powder

PRO. face Matte Face Powder used for a flawless look. This long-lasting oil control formula can use alone, with a soft radiant appearance, or it can be used on the liquid foundation to achieve coverage that is more comprehensive.

Glamorous Twin Cake Best Face Powder in Pakistan

It is sun protection powder with SPF-35 that protects your skin from UVA and UVB rays. The powder is light and fine.  It can easily blend on your skin with a long-lasting effect.

Miss Rose 3D Face Powder

This is high quality face powder with high pigmentation and long lasting. It gives smooth and complete look to your makeup.

What kind of powder should I use after foundation?

Finishing powder is the step to complete makeup. Apply after your moisturizer, SPF, foundation, or BB and concealer. After applying the powder, apply blush, bronzer, highlighter, and eye makeup.


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