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Sally Beauty 

The Sally Beauty provides customers the highest quality products to become their own “professionals” at home for the past five years

.Sally Beauty

Sally Beauty is the world’s largest professional beauty product retailer, within more than 3k plus stores (nearly 3700 stores) in 12 different countries/regions.

The Sally stores are located in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Ireland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Belgium, Chile, France, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Germany.

In some cities, Sally shoppers will discover a new in-store experience, including further brand information, improved wayfinding, additional training for employees, and updated POS systems and AI technology integration. These improvements help consumers make more confident purchasing decisions.

Brands that are available on Sallys Beauty

The Sally Beauty store offers up to 8,000 products for hair coloring, hair care, skin, and nails through proprietary brands such as Ion®, Generic Value Products®, Beyond the Zone® and SilkElements®, serving retail consumers and salon professionals. As a professional production line, such as Wella®, Clairol®, OPI®, Conair®, and Hot ShotTools®.

SallyCrew Influencer project

The relaunch of the Sally brand was expanded to the digital realm with the start of the #SallyCrew Influencer project. Sally Beauty is now receiving and accepting applications from beauty influencers to work as brand ambassadors. In addition, the program established a formal partnership with active industry tastemakers. It helps Sally’s developing digital audience further “unleash their potential.”

Five #SallyCrew members will be selected, and each member will receive a one-year paid contract with a maximum limit of $150,000 and provide professional business guidance and spokesperson opportunities, as well as other benefits.

Sally Beauty’s brand relaunch also includes its mobile app, which incorporates the innovative features of its “mobile-first” website and products that are only available within the app. In addition, the app also supports Beauty’s revised rewards program, allowing users to easily track their points and access reward certificates for quick redemption.

Sally’s Beauty shops supplies:

  1. Get supplies at a lower price, including processing caps, appointment books, color-protecting shampoo, coloring caps, etc.
  2. Avail of additional discounts on already lowered price products. The extra discount is a treat for us!
  3. Easily find out the Sally’s Beauty supply from their professional supply stores near your house. If you want to know about Sally’s stores near you, you can find them right here.
  4. Styling chairs, floor mats, shampoo bowls, etc.
  5. These stores also carry fun nail supplies

Anyone can purchase or trade from Sally stores directly. Few questions came into our mind when someone decides to do it:

Can anyone buy it at Sally Beauty?

Sally Beauty allowed every person to purchase beauty products. However, some of the stores of Sally Beauty have a section for trade only.

What’s Sally Card, and how do a person get a Sally Card?

Sally’s open for everyone. It doesn’t require a card for trade, however, if you want to shop trade, you can apply for a card with Salon Services on their trade site. These cards allow salons to put their hands on thoroughly professional products and original/authentic brands.

How to avail extra discounts on Sallys Beauty?

Click here to avail yourself of the Sally Beauty coupon for an extra discount. This coupon can provide more than a 40% discount on  Supply.

Some useful links:

Sally Beauty Youtube

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