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Lines 6 through 9 may be transmitted while the aircraft or vehicle is en route. Landing zone (lz) marking take inventory of signaling

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» applying the field dressing.

9 line medevac card army pubs. (how the uxo is affecting the mission). Given a casualty requiring medical evacuation and a patient pickup site, request medical evacuation. View army cheat sheet.docx from hun misc at tallahassee community college.

Report applicable info only and if requesting. It is not necessary to provide all nine lines. Radio frequency, call sign, and suffix.

Latest articles in first aid. » digital pressure with fingers, thumbs or hands. 9 line medevac card printable a + number of patients.

Tactical combat casualty care card 93 appendix b. As soon as the relay unit has no accessibility to protect the communication equipment. How to call in a 9 line medevac.

Number & type of wounds 7. (2) follow the procedure provided in the explanation column of the medevac request format to transmit other required information. In military terms, you must call the nine routes to indicate the main call you can make.

Grid location of pickup site 2. If possible write this on all 9line cards before the mission. Radio frequency and call sign f:

9 line medical evacuation request. » national flag at half staff. Medical triage categories 101 appendix d.

Enough to provide the first five lines, the remaining 4 this can cause a greater loss of personnel. Line numbers 1 through 5 must always be transmitted during the initial contact with the evacuation unit. During wartime which lines of the medevac request are subject to brevity codes?

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This publication applies to the active army, army national guard/army national guard of the united states, and united states army reserve unless otherwise stated. Don’t be caught short or rely on paper to capture pertinent information, our card is field tested and is usable during inclement weather. At all costs, the firefight must be won before moving towards rendering aid to the wounded.

Include details of terrain features in and around proposed landing site. Evacuation using special dedicated medical assets marked with a red. You can take them everywhere and even use them while on the go as long as you have a stable connection to the internet.

Line 7 — impact on mission: Radio frequency, call sign 3. Line 6 — resources threatened:

Location of pick up site _ lane 2: Include this line only when applicable. Number of patients by precedence a.

With the exception of line numbers 1, 2, and 6, who normally provides the information required for the medevac request? N = nuclear, b = biological, c = chemical. Medic or senior person present.

Number of patients by type l ____# patients litter Tactical combat casualty care after action report 97 appendix c. Prolonged field care 109 appendix g.

(immediate, indirect, minor, or no threat). Medical evacuation (medevac) is the timely and efficient movement and en route care by medical pers. Operational communications equipment, medical evacuation (medevac) request format, a standard scale military map, a grid

In this section we will demonstrate how to prepare and transmit a 9 line medevac request there are nine lines on this form which you can use to record a standardized request for medical evacuation have the nine line card on hand or memorize which should read the following line one this is the location of the pickup site you should include a six or eight digit grid coordinate line. Encrypt the app licable brevity codes. 9 line medevac cardrtevices like smartphones and tablets are in fact a ready business alternative to desktop and laptop computers.

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» 9 line medevac request. 23+ card 9 line medevac army gif. Casualty nationality terrain type aspect landmarks obstacles not required for civilian medevac b = us civilian 6.

Medical evacuation precedence categories 105 appendix e. Line 8 — protective measures taken:

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9-line Medevac Request Card My Leader Source

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9 Line Medevac Card – Fill Online Printable Fillable Blank Pdffiller

9-line Medevac Request Card My Leader Source

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9-line Medevac Request Card My Leader Source

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9 Line Medevac Card – Fill Online Printable Fillable Blank Pdffiller

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Amazoncom 9-line Medevac Card Everything Else

Amazoncom 9-line Medevac Card Everything Else

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